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Facilities to enjoy At Capilla del Mar Hotel you can enjoy spaces designed for your comfort with beautiful views to different city areas, which will make of your stay a unique experience. In the midst of the tropical fresh breeze and the bright Caribbean sun, our Solarium pool is stunning. Relaxing at the 22nd floor deck is easy, with a beautiful view of the city and the Bocagrande neighborhood, in addition to the vast Caribbean Sea.
Sunbathing at our comfortable pool sun tanning chairs is the perfect plan! During your visit, our staff will be ready to assist in all your requirements; order refreshing coconut lemonade, a paradisiac piña colada, or a delicious snack.
On the beach opposite to the hotel, spend sunny and amusing days with all the comfort of a hotel by the seashores of the Caribbean at Cartagena de Indias.

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Bocagrande Cra 1 # 8 - 12, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia